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Sugar Cosby

Crazy Sweet Entertainment was found by Jerletha (Sugar) Cosby in 2017.


Who Is Sugar Cosby?

Born Jerletha Cosby, Also known as Sugar, is a radio & television personality,  journalist, Loctican, Jewelry Maker, Graphic Artist, Owner and Operator of Inner G Radio from NJ.

Born the 4th of 5 children on January 16, 1988 in Long Branch, NJ. Sugar and her younger brother were raised by their father in Long Branch until around the time she reached middle school age, when her family relocated to Asbury Park, NJ.

During her days in Asbury Park, Sugar joined the Asbury Park High School marching band, where she learned to play the alto saxophone and performed in front of legendary music icons Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Sugar began her radio career at the age of 28 when she was introduced to the industry by Doseofit Radio’s DJ Flexx. After discovering her natural talent for speaking and capturing the audience, Dj Flexx decided to pull some strings and get Sugar started on a caribbean station called Splash Radio 94.3 FM where she would co-host a show called ‘World Wide Wednesdays’ with Dj Black and LIB International Sound.

Sugar’s popularity grew quickly within the first year of her radio broadcasting career. She was widely known for her sweet and bubbly personality, her general concern for others, and ability to relate to people.

Eventually, Sugar knew that she would have to leave Splash Radio to broaden her audience. Shortly after leaving Splash, she became the host of her own radio show on WZYE 95.9 FM called ‘Tea Time’. ‘Tea Time’ was the first show on WZYE as it was a brand new station. Unfortunately the show did not last too long. Sugar knew she needed to be with a more experienced station that would teach her the skills she needed to grow and expand her audience.

Sugar left WZYE to work with Gems Radio 91.7 FM WGMS. This move was the right move for her as she was able to learn the skills she needed to run her own personalized radio show ‘Tea Time With Sugar’. She also became a journalist for the radio station’s website.

Sugar was invited to Connecticut to appear as guest on Level Up TV where she talked about her career and the journey she took to get to where she is today.

In November of 2018 Sugar and close friend Ta-tanisha Harrell joined forces and created a unique radio show called T with Sugar on 8 Squad Rebel Radio the show quickly came to an end.

Sugar was eager to get back on the microphone. She soon assembled a team and created "The Sugar Rush Radio Show" The Team consist of Trashay Larays, Ms. Raya, Michael Mitchell and Sugar Cosby.


The Show was a hit but unfortunately shortly lived. Sugar left 8 Squad Rebel and perused an opportunity to create a partnership radio station. After being conned out of money and time wasted


Sugar decided that it was time to do it for herself. Thus Inner G Radio was born. is now growing in shows and popularity. Sugar is giving fair opportunity to creators for exposure.

Thanks to the Team and loyal supporters

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